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2014 - Preseason - HoF - week 1 - picks

08/03 8:00 PM
241 NYG 33½ UNDER
242 BUF -2½ *

Looks like a work in progress mode for NYG O with new OC McAdoo. BUF is in yr 2 of HC Marrone and staff. Thus they get the nod. The QB rotation is unknown at this time, but if I had to hazard a guess, NYG backup QBs will play more minutes as they are 3 deep (Manning Painter Nassib) vs BUF QBs (Manuel, Lewis, Tuel and Dixon). If I were NYG OC McAdoo I would keep Manning in for more than a series, but since HC Coughlin is in charge I doubt this will occur. I expect blitzing from BUF D and thus the edge is with BUF.
more to follow as I have time...

The following is a bit rough as I have some thoughts but have wobble/waffled back and forth on picks

08/07 7:00 PM
251 IND 35½ *
252 NYJ -3 UNDER?

QB2's for both team veterans (Vick, Hasselbeck)
IND OL (rookie/2yr x3 GCG) to play longer than other starters (a half?)
IND D concentrating on stopping run?
IND lacks depth at majority of positions
NYJ expect 2 series w/QB Smith, may 6 series w/Vick ?17pts?
NYJ D outstanding run D, O who's WR #2???
-- NYJ 2ndary weak, not even average --
NYJ needs to win w/D & ST, conservative ball control O

08/07 7:30 PM
253 NE 37 *?*
254 WAS -1½ *under?

held joint practices 8/4-6
WAS new HC and staff except for DC
WAS should have more incentive
WAS WR Garcon, S Clark and Thomas OUT, WR Jackson ???
WAS starters 8-10 snaps a series or two
WAS HC Gruden simple expectations
NE on another level

08/07 7:30 PM
255 SF 35 ***
256 BAL PK **OVER?

SF QBs all veterans (3+yrs)
BAL QB3 rookie
**BAL QB2 Taylor to play at least 2Q, doing really well TC**
BAL CB3&4 not up to snuff
BAL new OC
BAL 2ndary issues
will hold 4 joint practices 8/8-11 (after game)
SF QB kaepernick a series or two at most
SF D deep at DL/LB
SF competition higher this yr

08/07 8:00 PM
257 CIN 35 ***
258 KC -2 *under?

CIN new OC
CIN QB4 rookie inj'd not expected to play
CIN treating game as evaluation for players, more situations eval
CIN QBs Dalton Campbell Scott McCarron
CIN QB Dalton a series or 2, 
CIN LT Whitworth RT Smith TE Gresham OUT
KC QB4 rookie
KC DBs numerous inj's ?OVER?
KC HC Reid - QB's to play a Q each
Smith, Daniels, Bray, Murray
KC OC Pederson play calling simple, let players play fast/execute
**KC DB Sean Smith and Steve Gregory (vets) playing on 2nd team**
KC inj's WRs DBs, more run game?

08/07 9:00 PM
259 SEA 37 ***
260 DEN -1½ under

DEN QBs after Manning "very green"
SEA QBs Jackson, Daniel(experienced) Pryor (getting lots of reps)
SEA D deep
SEA OL just got deeper w/xHOU RT Winston and LG Smith

08/07 10:00 PM
261 DAL 36½ *
262 SD -2½ over

if SD QB3 plays, advantage DAL
**SD 9 straight days of pads**
SD new OC Reich
DAL D 15 players inj'd 90-4=86/2=43-15=28
DAL OL improved, DL going downhill?
DAL QB Weeden to play Q1-2 (Romo out)

08/08 7:00 PM
263 MIA 36½ *under
264 ATL -2½ *

after starters, MIA QBs a little more experienced than ATL QBs
MIA new OC Lazor, major changes for QBs
MIA dozen players inj'd
ATL a more physical team this year along OL n DL
ATL OL did not do well vs TEN DL 1on1 drills
ATL DL/DT definite upgrade from LY, but still not good enough
ATL no game plan for PSG1 vs MIA
ATL thin @safety, no depth, injuries
ATL has no real depth along OL

08/08 7:30 PM
265 BUF 37 over
266 CAR -1 *

CAR new WRs, slightly older QBs

08/08 7:30 PM
267 TB -1 *
268 JAC 35½ under

TB limited game plan
JAC QB2 Bortle extended reps?

08/08 8:00 PM
269 NO 37½ *under
270 STL -3 *

NO lots of inj's
NO approaching as eval game
nearly identical experience for QBs
STL new DC Gregg Williams
STL QB Bradford. LT Long, C Wells OUT

08/08 8:00 PM
271 PHI 38½ **
272 CHI -2 under

PHI QBs Sanchez,Barkley,Kinne 'just looks stronger'
CHI QBs Clausen,Palmer,Fales

08/08 8:00 PM
273 OAK 37 over?
274 MIN -2½ ***

OAK QB2 Carr extended reps?
MIN new HC, OC, DC - extended look at QB Bridgewater?
MIN simple game plan, wants players to play fast

08/09 7:30 PM
275 CLE 37½ over?
276 DET -2½ ***

CLE QB2 Manziel extended reps?
DET QB2 and QB3 vets

08/09 7:30 PM
277 PIT 36 *
278 NYG -3 *under

unsure about taking NYG, perhaps PIT is better?

08/09 8:00 PM
279 GB 37 *
280 TEN -1 *OVER

GB QB2/3s veterans - TC practicing very well
GB OL 'best yet' per HC McCarthy
TEN new HC OC **DC Ray Horton 3-4 (xARI DC)**
TEN fairly young team nearly half less than 2yrs
TEN OL well built
TEN #2 in AFC South?
TEN QBs Locker, Whitehurst, Mettenberger

08/09 8:30 PM
281 HOU 37 ***UNDER***
282 ARI -2½ ***********

HOU new HC OC DC, TC is the most intense in a long time
HOU C-QB exchange issues
ARI is deep with players

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