Thursday, August 14, 2014

Must read articles and a few observations for this 2014 season

2014 article: 30 Yards And A Cloud Of Dust

2014 article: 'The Influencer'

2012 article: 'The New Old School'

2013 article: 'Package Plays and the newest form of option football'

The first 'must read' is an ESPN the Magazine article and the rest are from (Chris Brown author).

It's pretty evident (to me) that Chip Kelly will be looked upon as a guru, maybe one day holding the same status of Walsh etc (an innovator extraordinaire). The question is will it happen this year? the next? or the following? Chip will need to win the Super Bowl and then some, but it appears he may have a tough time with his present team. Sure they can outscore the majority of teams, its defensively where issues arise. I wonder what happens when HC Kelly faces a team that has a similiar offense, will they, can they, get the win?

I think that a Kelly Offense doesn't need the great physical specimen of a QB, it needs a smart QB, an accurate QB, able to read defenses quickly and make the right choice in his variety of options to choose from. This is a major departure from the majority of NFL personnel thinking and their 'measureables' as the method of choosing a QB. Even a 'winning' QB should be not given as high a priority as a QB with a high football IQ. That is deciphering coverages and making a smart decision on where to throw the ball (or run with the ball or handoff).

Sadly their is a QB who is buried at this time on a NFL teams depth chart, because his 'measurables' aren't quite up to snuff and he's viewed as having a weak arm. I wonder if HC Kelly would take a chance on DET QB3 Kellen Moore. Yes Moore is a winner (at the college level), but I think he is viewed as a system QB coming from Boise St by the majority of NFL personnel decision makers. It's his third year in the NFL, DET needs to cut him loose if they don't want him as QB2.

CLE OC Kyle Shanahan (xWAS OC) appears to be trying to do some of the college things you see so much of on Saturdays. I just think his implementation leaves much to be desired (as well as his change of pace). HC Kelly seems to be a master at change of pace. I thought that PHI made a mistake in letting go WR DeSean Jackson this offseason, but after reading the above articles, I think Jackson may have free lanced too much and HC Kelly probably thinks he needs a WR who is much more disciplined to have a much more effective O.

One team to really watch this season is MIA with their new OC Lazor (xPHI OC). If QB Tannehill can be successful, we'll see more teams run something similar to Kellys O.

I'll publish more if I find the time...

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