Thursday, July 31, 2014

ever get that feeling? like a premonition?

I followed a RSS link to the Denver Post on the Bronco's new CB, veteran Talib and the article is nice, but the picture speaks volumes...

see: Aqib Talib gives Denver Broncos defense a new identity

I know, I know you've seen lot's of football players in the rain, so what makes this picture speak volumes to me? Talib played with NE last year and decided to move on. I'm just speculating, but if he really thought NE had a chance at winning the Super Bowl wouldn't he have stayed in NE? The goal is to win the Super Bowl and most players don't get many chances if any to get to the Super Bowl and Talib is thinking not to just get there, but to win it all. That's what would make any football players career.

The $$ is nice for Talib with his new contract, but to win the SuperBowl will entice the best veteran players to the best teams and DEN is definitely in the upper echelon.

Just remember the priority of players for salaries, QB LT DE CB and DEN has all the boxes checked off (a star at every position that plays really well). I also think with DEN near misses the past two season, a loss to Super Bowl champion Seattle last year and the prior years playoff loss to eventual champion Baltimore, really has the team hungry and on edge.

I still think DEN will need to run the ball a bit more and play 'keep away' from other teams this season. I also thought this last season as well, but this season I don't think I'll have many questions for DEN D. The only thing that could hold DEN back is injuries, but every season this occurs and as a GM it's really up to Elway and company to provide HC Fox and his staff the players.

DEN had made the mistake of holding too long onto Champ Bailey, but I think they made up for it by sticking to their budget plans and let go Rogers-Cromartie. This could be Denvers year as their competition in the AFC consists of NE, BAL/PIT, IND and perhaps SD and/or KC. From the NFC - SEA, SF GB PHI and/or WAS as well as NO and CAR are all contenders.

I know some will be surprised by my picking WAS as well as CAR, CAR did beat NO last year for their division, but CAR has a several questions at WR. I'm just guessing with WAS with a new regime and new HC Jay Gruden, but a lot of the pieces are to be in place. I do think teams like TB and MIN will improve, just not enough to be a SB contender. I think CHI will have issues with D and ST. DET though talented will be more 'muted' with new HC Caldwell, hopefully this will lead to less penalites. ATL and ARI are both dark horse candidates but have issues on D or on O that need to be fixed.
For DEN within their own division will be fairly tough with KC (really need to get better WRs) and SD (new OC and can their D hold up?). OAK may surprise for a while and win games they shouldn't, but I think they'll fall back to their penalty prone self.

DEN? Destiny? who knows? it's still preseason....

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