Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2013 - week 02 - results

Games I watched in real time or near real time:
NYJ @NE, TNF, fairly close game at the half, rain storm sweeps in and lasts for the rest of the game. NYJ makes it interesting by closing to a 10-13 score in Q3. NYJ OL is winning the battle, they need to run more IMO. NE QB-WR are out of sync. I'm unsure if NE is the better D, it seems to be NYJ D is playing at least on par if not better than NE D. NYJ luck ran out this game. W/38sec left mutual animosity appears between Jet's & Pat's w/NYJ LT, LG, and C ejected from game.

WAS @GB, all GB, WAS appears to be still in preseason mode. Their G1 and G2 opponents (PHI, GB) won the game in the first half and 'coast' the second half. At this rate I'd be against WAS in the first half and bet the over in the 2nd half and maybe bet on WAS in the 2nd half. Perhaps this will last another couple of weeks.

I did get to watch part of DAL @KC (due to network cut over to a more 'interesting' game), DAL IMO play calling is a bit suspect, Bradshaw of Fox Sports points out that they need to be more aggressive and take chances down the field (he specifically calls out their OC Callahan). I also noticed the conservative play calling and it almost seems as if DAL believes it had already won the game when they were up 10-7 at the half. They seemed to 'coast' in the 2nd half. A combination of better coaching, play calling, personnel won it for KC in 2nd half. This is not DAL season to go all the way to SB, if they make it into playoffs, they'll be knocked out in their first game.

SD @PHI, despite the two early TO's by RB Mathews and TE Gates, you could tell that SD was the better team. In the end SD pulled it out. PHI should be classified as a W/O (Win/Over) team. I don't believe you'll see PHI win any low scoring games w/their D having issues. SD seems to have turned a page w/HC McCoy and you could see them win a few F/U (favorite/under games) prior to their bye week and perhaps even w/WAS game after bye week as well, but after that it gets tough with some of the best D's on their schedule. Getting DEN twice w/Von Miller off his suspension, KC twice, CIN, MIA, NYG only OAK and maybe WAS could be considered a 'W' for them.

DEN @NYG, Manning Bowl III won by Peyton again (3-0), NYG still seems to be in slow mode, I guess they'll speed up once OCT comes along. DEN D is doing well w/o DE Von Miller and CB Bailey. I guess the road to the SB will go thru them this year.

SF @SEA, SNF, SEA did what good teams do and that's win @home, SF kept the game close for about 3 quarters. SF QB Kaepernick had perhaps the worst game of his young career, SEA QB Wilson was better, but not by much. A defensive battle as expected. SEA D was missing some of it's starter's and still won, very impressive controlling SF OL and skill players for the majority of the game. Has a new king to the throne arrived?

An 8-8 week ATS and Totals, five games I was on the 'money', 5 games totally off in my picks (neither side or total were correct). So I was slightly better on sides (ATS) and slightly worse on totals (O/U).

Did you notice that the NFC East (DAL, NYG, PHI, WAS) lost every game? That's two weeks in a row a division has lost every game SU (last week AFC North - BAL, CIN, CLE, PIT).

Hmmmm.... I picked all the night games correctly, TNF, SNF and MNF, hooorayy!

2013 - week 02 - results

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