Tuesday, September 03, 2013

2013 - QB's Sophomore slump or not?

What can we expect from the young QB's this 2013 season? I'll make my predictions and hopefully remember to review at the end of the season. Here's my impressions of all the young guns...

IND QB Luck did the most with the least amount of surrounding talent last season. Upgrades are really good, lets see if chemistry still keeps team on winning ways. I expect a similar season as last years W-L record, clearly Luck and Co. should be on the upswing.

SEA QB Wilson, talented, but young team, another team that points upward, a little more cohesion is what I expect and another playoff appearance.

WAS QB Griffin, talented with a mid age team (not too many older or younger players) that had injury issues especially on D. Again another team that points upward and a better W-L record. Though this year they are already having some injury issues.

SF QB Kaepernick, talented and older team, again a team that can make another leap, I think ATL and DAL stand in their path during the playoffs. They did lose some very good backups who'll be starting for other teams.

MIN QB Ponder, talented team, continue running game emphasis, it's coverages that confuse Ponder, hopefully another playoff run. This team can play keep away from their division opponents (CHI, DET, GB)

CLE QB Weeden, an older talented QB, I wonder just how much patience they will have with him as he learns another system. Very tough division, if they can split their season series, consider it a very good year.

MIA QB Tannehill, top 10 D, but O appears to be on decline, at best an 8-8 record, flatlined for this season.. I lean toward a decline for their W-L record.

JAC QB Gabbert, that hand injury is a big red flag, I suspect accuracy issues will abound due to lack of synch with WRs. IMO they should rest him, put him on PUP. Can't and won't do better this season.

TEN QB Locker, media labels him as an athletic QB, I see accuracy issues, again an emphasis on the running game will do wonders.

STL QB Bradford (should he be on this list?) a young but talented team in perhaps the toughest division, my favorite dark horse to improve this season. But this may not happen in their W-L record this year, but one can hope right?

CAR QB Newton (should he be on list?), I'm unsure which way to swing on this above or below 8-8 record? With a new OC I'll be inclined to say a down grade, yep I don't trust play calling of Shula's son.

NYJ QB Smith, from what I've seen, they need to rely on running game.

BUF QB Manuel or QB Tuel, again emphasis on running game will do wonders for QBs.

OAK QB Flynn or QB Prior, the weakest supporting cast, not much hope...

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