Thursday, July 12, 2012

Supplemental Draft 2012

CLE picked up xBaylor WR Gordon  with a 2nd round pick from next year. Normally I don't have anything to say about the supplemental draft, but in this case their seems to be 'more than meets the eye'.

Either CLE thinks highly of Gordon and wisely used a 2nd round pick or they are desperate.

I know desperate seems to be a radical characterization of their pick, but several things come to mind.

1) a 2nd round pick from 2012 used on a WR
They should've used a 5th or 6th round on a WR, but they might not have had one as I don't know their available picks for 2013, 2nd round seems to be really high IMO

2) their rookie WR Childs from last year, has proven to be a numbers guy in my mind, "fits the ideal size chart [numbers]", but suffers from dropsies (lacks hand-eye coordination, not in sync with QB, route running suspect). There was much expected of him last year, but as we all know CLE QB-WR last year was near bottom of NFL. So I'm about to be a disbeliever in CLE scouting as far as WRs

3) This pick appears to give QB Weeden another target, again why? I ask myself, does the present corp of WR's lack enough skill, knowledge for their position?

4) And finally QB's make WR's not the other way around, thus giving up high picks (and a 2nd round pick is high IMO) for a suspect WR at best, really speaks volumes as to what were they thinking?

Another interesting thought was that another rookie WR from Baylor this year K Wright (TEN) did not have a very fast 40 time. So this makes RG3 even more impressive or maybe not, maybe it's the system.

I watched the TCU Baylor game last year, WR Wright did look quick, so I'll say he's quicker than he's fast and that explains the 40yrd time. Perhaps Gordon is the same, it just his hands were not as good (consistent catching) as compared to Wright.

CLE is really reaching for a quality WR, they should probably pick up a FA, instead of hoping to draft a WR, as it is they have a suspect record for WR's. They really need to look at their internal scouting methods for WR. They could pick up a better WR on the cheap from the AFL, CFL or a FA veteran.

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