Friday, July 20, 2012

NFP article on teams with +/- 9pts in 2011

the above link is interesting and here's a summation: "If the scoring average trend that we have broken down in this article holds true in 2012, the Panthers, Packers and Saints are all headed for a step in the wrong direction offensively, while the Colts and Chiefs should expect to see more trips to the end zone this coming season."

So CAR headed for a sophomore slump with Cam & Co? Perhaps, but they appear to be an 7-9 team (optimum) this year. The biggest question mark is when they face the AFC W (SD, DEN, KC, OAK) will they win 1? 2? 3?. They also have the NFC E (NYG, DAL, PHI, WAS) on their docket and have parity games vs SEA and @CHI. Within their division it'll be ATLs to lose, NO will be beatable and TB should lose twice. I'll be watching CAR O-Line and LBs for a clearer picture of their team

GB with Rodgers and his WR corp heading downhill? Only injuries will derail them. Their schedule is tough with SF, NYG, HOU, CHI, DET and semi tough with NO, ARI, SEA, TEN but the rest are IND, STL, JAC, MIN (twice). If you just review opponent QB's, nine of them are young and don't have 3 seasons of games under their belt and thus more likely to be inefficient in scoring (they'll punt a lot). So GB should have more opportunities to score and thus score more.
Saint's - yeah with offseason turmoil, suspensions, key departures of G Nick, WR Meachem, is their anyway to look but down?

KC - had an injury riddled year, and normally the next year teams do come back, their have been exceptions and it was due I believe to more injuries. So yeah I expect them to do better

IND - with a new staff, new personnel, new schemes, facing NFC N (3 losses, may win vs MIN), AFC E (4 losses, doubtful if they'll beat MIA), parity games vs CLE (may be a win) @KC (doubtful) and their division (where JAC may give up 1 win). I count maybe 3-5 wins. Some will say maybe later on in the season, they'll have a better chance? I doubt it with NFL scheduling division games at the end of the season, HOU will crush them twice in DEC. They'll need a lot of luck on their side - you know injuries, penalties on opponents and curious play calling to help. It's a rebuilding year

So I think two yes, two no and one maybe....

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