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Pre Season QB angles

Now here's an edge I developed from this article

I removed what I don't need, but you can read it all from the above link if you like.

In my truncated version, of the list of QB battles, you should look for obvious edges like an interested team (wants to win) vs a disinterested team (it's preseason, who cares?)

The below teams should put up points... and I wrote my thoughts (if any) below each team

11. New York Jets

Incumbent: Mark Sanchez
Challenger: Tim Tebow

Team has a new OC Sparano

10. IND
Incumbent: None
Challengers: Andrew Luck, Drew Stanton

Whole new staff, this is a staff that will want to win every game

9. KC
Incumbent: Matt Cassel
Challenger: Brady Quinn

Brady was never that good, I think he'll alienate himself from team mates, seems like a better play against opportunity. Yes I know they have a new OC (Daboll) and ST (McMahon), but interim coach Crennel became HC, I may be wrong but we'll see....

8. JAC
Incumbent: Blaine Gabbert
Challenger: Chad Henne

Gabber was just awful at times last year, you could really see him lose confidence as the year wore on. The good news is he has a new coaching staff and they'll want to win badly

7. MIN
Incumbent: Christian Ponder
Challenger: Joe Webb

Not many thoughts except this is a young team, the coaching staff should be pushing for wins, but can they win with one of the youngest teams (only STL is younger among O&D starters) in preseason? WR's are a question mark after Harvin.

6. WAS
Incumbent: Rex Grossman
Challenger: Robert Griffin III

Really want to see who get's the 1st team reps, if it's RG3, this may be a play on team during weeks 1 & 2.
Of course, they may just play halves and not include QB3 and QB4, Cousins and Crompton, really got to know the QB game plan for that week

5. ARI
Incumbent: Kevin Kolb
Challenger: John Skelton

This a fairly veteran team, with QB3 Bartel and rookie QB4 Lindley, again QB rotation should clue us in on how to play, ON? or OFF?

4. SEA
Incumbent: Tarvaris Jackson
Challengers: Matt Flynn, Russell Wilson

Defensively this team is loaded, Offensively just the opposite with WR that have too many ?'s in my mind. Maybe an UNDER team.

3. CLE
Incumbent: Colt McCoy
Challengers: Brandon Weeden, Seneca Wallace

New OC, I like Weeden, if he plays QB2 or QB3, this is a play ON team.

2. MIA
Incumbent: Matt Moore
Challengers: Ryan Tannehill, David Garrard

Another team with a new coaching staff, veteran QB's, looks like a definite play ON team
UPDATE: I know not even TC yet, but if only Moore & Garrard battle, how often will we see Tannehill? Reports on 'net of Tannehill being behind/confused during OTAs/mini-camps may mean he doesn't see any preseason

1. TEN
Incumbent: Matt Hasselbeck
Challenger: Jake Locker

QB3 Rusty Smith is a play ON QB, but QB4 Nick Stephens is an unknown for me at this time. WR Kendall Wright also is a game changer


Other teams of note:

There are two teams with a new coaching staff, TB and OAK, they won't have a QB battle, but I really like new staffs as there are generally more on the edge and winning is something they want to instill in the preseason

ATL has a new OC and DC and with wk1 vs BAL and wk2 vs CIN, I believe they'll be in hunger mode and should get the win for both games

Another thing I noticed is that blitzing during preseason games have gone up considerably from years gone by, especially 3-4 D's. So which teams have a new DC running 3-4?


STL (also a new staff) should be running a 4-3, but who is their DC? With Williams suspended, I'd like to know sooner than later.

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