Sunday, January 22, 2012

2011 week 20 - results


BAL@NE L/W               BAL kept game close and almost pulled it out

NYG@SF L/L                ST miscues cost SF game

weekly results:

sucky results, so a rematch of previous SB, I wonder if it will be the same results? I'm thinking high scoring even though NYG D is playing well and this time NE's revenge....

why? NYG seemed a bit lucky w/ST TO's in Q4 & OT to get the win. NYG D real edge is Pierre-Paul, 2ndary looks like they could have been burned for more and I'm still thinkin' NYG O is better when RB Jacobs has more carries instead of Bradshaw.

As for NE, Brady was off and they still won, a testament to their team as a whole and run D is so much better than a month ago, vs DEN Q1 they really looked vulnerable, but have since filled gaps and tackled better

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