Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 - Playoff projections - updated picks

updated projections:

AFC Playoff contenders - NE, BAL, HOU, DEN, PIT, CIN

AFC Wild card (* likely winner), CIN @HOU*, PIT* @DEN

(changed my mind CIN run D is suspect)

AFC Division projected (* likely winner), PIT @NE*, HOU @BAL*

(home teams can't lose, though NE has been bounced 1st game of PO for the last 2 years, PIT appears to be limping)

AFC Conference projected (* likely winner), BAL @NE*

(and though mid-season I picked BAL to go to SB, I've changed my mind)

NFC Playoff contenders - GB, SF, NO, NYG, ATL, DET

NFC Wild card (* likely winner), DET @NO*, ATL* @NYG

(ATL is probably weakest pick)

NFC Division projected (* likely winner), ATL @GB*, NO* @SF

(NO is hot, GB was hottest)

NFC Conference projected (* likely winner), NO* @GB

(re-match of 1st game of season, and I'm changing my mind again)

SB projected (* likely winner), NO* vs NE @Indianapolis

(NO 2ndary appears to be much better than NE)

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