Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 week 10 - results


OAK@SD   L/W              OAK came together a game sooner than I thought



JAC@IND   L/W               IND is THE WORST O

BUF@DAL  L/W              BUF smoke&mirrors a no-go @DAL

HOU@TB    W/L                TB is cooked

TEN@CAR  L/L               what happened w/CAR?


NO@ATL    L/W           ATL HC ODD OT play calling smells of mano-y-mano, gave game to NO, playaction would have been so much better, When the D expects xyz and can defend xyz, show xyz, but
give them abc instead

DET@CHI   L/W           I think the wind affected DET, lol



BAL@SEA  L/W           BAL odd game plan again after a big win, hmmm smells of a setup, but for who???


NE@NYJ    L/L            NYJ can't get over the hump

MIN@GB  W/L            just over the total..

weekly results 8-8/12-4

for the year:

ATS/TOTAL 76-67-3/73-71-2

ATL another instance of HC over thinking? to aggressive? what were you thinking? maybe he didn't want a tie? I along w/many others are confused as he didn't stick to his MO.

I should revise my mid-season standings w/NE #1 in AFC East, since NYJ "can't get over the hump" and maybe w/BAL loss, HOU should be given consideration as SB bound?

GiB 3-1 ATS/SU (PIT,HOU,NO win - IND lose)
CoB 1-3 ATS/SU (JAC win - CAR,DET,MIN lose)

the Harbaugh bros streak comes to an end as BAL lost & SF won

it's odd w/BAL as after each big win, they've lost their next game to 'inferior opponents' and I noticed they're not running the ball as much in their losses. smells of game planning gone awry or just being too smart for yourself
a very good weekend as I had 6 W/W's (wins ATS & total), 2 L/L's (CAR & NYJ disappoint) and the rest were split. I'm now back on the plus side for total(O/U) picks :-)

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