Sunday, January 01, 2017

2016 - week 17 - results

An unusual season, but one I ended on the UP swing, which is nice.
No teams looks truly dominant, with all playoff bound teams having an Achilles heel (or two).
I'll remember this season for the white hats calling less penalties and there were far more sweeps of division series than I can recall.

SF will need to find a new direction as this franchise is in disarray. It was a waste of a season for former head coach Chip Kelly. Perhaps he'll find a position w/NE, just my guess as he and HC Belichick are good friends.

Week 17 results:
ATS : 10-6
Totals: 8-8

for the regular season:
ATS : 132-117-6
Totals: 130-119-6

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