Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 - week 08 - the rest of the weekend picks

Generally teams that lose their Center, tend to lose their next game and SEA and CLE held true to form, only SD did not follow suit this season...  did any else notice that ATL has lost their Center?

Going into Bye week (GiB) = ATL BUF CHI DET GB TEN
Coming off Bye week (CoB) = PHI TB

10/25 update watching SEA @STL week 07, you notice that STL O can run on SEA D. Maybe STL is playing way UP for the SB champs, but if not, then STL has turned the corner and SEA has too many injuries to overcome.
Changing pick STL @KC from KC/Over to STL/Over

10/26 9:30 AM
251 DET -4 ***
252 ATL 46½ UNDER

ATL free fall, injuries...

10/26 1:00 PM
253 MIN 42 *
254 TB -3 UNDER

conservative O's?
edge MIN D

10/26 1:00 PM
255 CHI 50 *over*
256 NE -6 *

CHI turmoil?
NE injuries?
NE plays well at home, will they cover?

10/26 1:00 PM
257 STL 43½ *
258 KC -7 *over

KC returns for a home game, the fans will be UP as it's been 3 weeks between games. Both teams coming off impressive wins, KC @SD, SEA @STL
10/25 changed pick from KC/Over to STL/Over

10/26 1:00 PM
259 SEA -5 *
260 CAR 44½ ***OVER***

SEA D has given up 28,30,17,20,30 L5G
CAR D has given up 38,37,24,38,37 L5G
I'm thinking SEA w/2 consecutive losses will be more focused

10/26 1:00 PM
261 BUF 40½ *UNDER*
262 NYJ -3 *

BUF RB's Jackson and Spiller OUT
two run teams??? or just BUF?

10/26 1:00 PM
263 MIA -6 UNDER
264 JAC 43 *

MIA can't get a good ID on them, they've surprised with their G1 win over NE and not much else. MIA should win, but I suspect TO's will keep this game closer.
JAC has been steadily progressing over the past 7 games and finally getting a win last week. Has JAC crested? reached their plateau? or is their more?

10/26 1:00 PM
265 HOU -2 *
266 TEN 42½ UNDER

TEN QB Mettenberger starts (rookie)
Mentally for TEN, since this game will mark the halfway point of the season, I don't see this as a good sign, more of a we gotta see what we have with our rookie QB

10/26 1:00 PM
267 BAL 45½ ****
268 CIN -1½ under

CIN O-n-D inj's
BAL should split their series as CIN Won the first game...

10/26 4:05 PM
269 PHI 48 *
270 ARI -2½ ***OVER***

ARI has a talented 2ndary, PHI should run the ball more. But this game appears to be in the 12-13 possession realm for each team. If it each team scores on 4 possessions (roughly 1/3) this should go easily over the total

10/26 4:25 PM
271 IND -3 ***
272 PIT 48½ *OVER*

PIT has to play keep away from IND to win, which I don't think they can do

10/26 4:25 PM
273 OAK 44 *****
274 CLE -7 under

OAK appears to be progressing and I think CLE is regressing due to injuries...

10/26 8:30 PM
275 GB 55½ *****
276 NO -1½ *OVER*

NO better than NFL average, but GB is nearing elite range. NO w/2 wins is better than many 3 and 4 wins teams, it's just running into a buzzsaw w/GB

10/27 8:30 PM
277 WAS 50 under
278 DAL -9 *****

unless WAS QB McCoy brings alot more consistency to their O, this game should be a blowout even if it's a division rivalry game

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