Monday, August 19, 2013

Why not start QB Henne? if not bet against JAC...

I read this about JAC QB Gabbert and what really gets my attention is JAC plan to start QB Gabbert in Game 1.

Now a hairline fracture of your thumb on your throwing (dominant) hand may not sound like much, but it is broken and bones normally need 6 to 8 weeks to heal and then more time for the normal usage to come back to an acceptable level.

So what is JAC management doing? Recent recallable memory - I believe QB Favre had something similar, but this was later on in his career, so QB Favre had far more wisdom on coverages and where to go with the ball, but Favre's accuracy was lacking and I believe his completion rate went down that year as well as interceptions went up.

I also noted in the AFL (where they pass the ball even more than NFL) this 2013 season that 2012 MVP QB Grady also had an injury to hand/wrist and though he was admirable (in playing thru injury), he was not the same and lost quite a few games as well as notable timing issues with WR's. Management should have just played QB2 and let him get more seasoned.

I believe history will repeat itself, if JAC QB Gabbert starts the regular season and continues to be their starter, JAC will lose games. Defenses will concentrate on stopping the run, because JAC won't really have much of a passing offense.

Their are other symptoms of a dysfunctional team. This year the media is potraying WR Blackmon as immature, but I think he is frustrated with the level of QB play. Remember he came from a very prolific college spread pass attack with Oklahoma State. He isn't getting enough targets and the ones he does get aren't up to snuff.

JAC management needs to sit QB Gabbert on IR and ride out the first couple of months with QB Henne. Then if QB Gabbert is tossing the ball well, give him practice time and if they have nothing to lose, he can then start. If they are still in contention for playoffs, stick with QB Henne.

JAC coaching staff, needs to play to the strength of their players or a 4-12 season will look like a fantasy season for them. My best guess is JAC staff will be pig headed and continue to start QB Gabbert for Sept, just how pig headed will they be is the question, will they continue into the next month after 4 losses?

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