Tuesday, August 20, 2013

GRID ranking - Preseason

2013 - GRID Ranking - Preseason

I had a much tougher time sizing up BAL/NYG/CHI and KC/TB/ARI than the rest of the ranking, they are nearly interchangeable IMO.

You'll notice the NFC slant/tilt as far as stronger divisions, I just feel that the AFC has a greater disparity between teams this year than last. Sure CAR and STL could be in the bottom 10, but who would you then raise into their place? DET? CLE? PHI?
Of all the teams in the bottom 10, MIA has the best D, but I suspect that their O will have issues this year.
JAC maybe the surprise team, if they start QB Henne and win w/run game, D and ST, but it appears they will start QB Gabbert and injured thumb on throwing hand, rather than sit him for the next couple of months, so I left them near the bottom.
BAL even though they are the defending Super Bowl champs will play the season with a target on their back for every game and I suspect with all their new additions will not be up to the task.
CHI is among the oldest teams (total starts, total career games), but due to new regime and lackluster preseason will need to surprise in regular season to move up.
MIN is the most complete team, except at the most important position QB and that's why GB for all their issues along OL still rates the highest in NFC North. DET has yet to show they can win several games in a row and if the opposing D can force DET O to look elsewhere (other than option #1 Megatron) than they've won.

Right now the AFC East except for NE should be called the AFC "Least", MIA, BUF, NYJ all have multiple issues to overcome. The AFC South and West aren't far behind with problem child teams. TEN needs to find a new QB, accuracy is the most overlooked factor by most pundits, management and their ilk (those who choose/draft/evaluate players) is the second and unless JAC upgrades their management personnel or perhaps just a wholesale change (which OAK and SD have done) they'll be stuck in the mud. OAK and SD should be much better next year, but for now they will be mired near the bottom.

SEA depth has been very impressive this preseason and should be ranked #1, but I guess they don't get the 'press' that the east coast teams and other older teams do. The whole team plays with hunger, we'll see if they go all the way.

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