Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mid week thoughts.... on QB's

I was reading

and I really liked the analysis w/QB Weeden...

but w/MIA QB Tannehill, I think the loss of WR Bess, will prove to be too much for MIA to overcome

and w/MIN QB Ponder, I thought he still needs seasoning, he has the physical traits that these scouts look for, but upstairs decision making really needs to improve a lot IMO, thus the acquisition of WR Jennings is just not enough

what's he seeing w/TEN QB Locker? Locker of all starting QBs, has accuracy issues and it hasn't changed since his college days, maybe if they really run the ball more like on two downs every series, then perhaps an improvement statistically might be seen, but I still think he'll have accuracy/timing issues w/WR's

For the most part QB's make the WR's, there are a few instances when the WR's make the QB in the NFL.
The slot WR is really light regarded by many football analysts, but I view these goto/possession WR as the QB's best friend when needed.

That's why for MIA to let go WR Bess will be a minus for MIA and a plus for CLE. WR Welker is a loss for NE and a gain for DEN. WR Amendola is a loss for STL and a gain for NE, though I don't believe Amendola is as big a gain as Bess or Welker. In this vein of thought, WR Bolden is a loss for BAL and a gain for SF. These are the good hands people the WR's I'd count on most in crunch time, not the down the field guy or any flashy player, yes the spectacular play is great to see, but I want a guy you can count on when the chips are down and you really need that first down, 'cause w/o those first downs, you'll never get to a TD consistently.

I also think of an ol' retread QB that may have a good year. ARI QB Palmer to WR Fitzgerald appears to be magic in the waiting w/WR's Roberts and Floyd on the other end of hopefully many catches. My only concern is their OL, if they improve ARI should do well, if not, QB Palmer may get knocked out of a game early and often.

KC QB Smith should also do well, though that first month maybe a bit rough playing the NFC East (DAL, PHI, NYG), but if they can win one or even two games they'll be setup rather well going into their bye in week 9 w/HOU being the only team that can out right thrash them. Coming off their bye week, they'll play DEN twice in three weeks, really rough with only WAS and perhaps IND posing any type of a challenge.

Young QB's Wilson, Kaepernick and Griffin all have a great supporting cast, thus you'd think they would do just as well this year, but I'm thinking only Wilson may actually have improvement. Who will Kaepernick throw to? And until I see Griffin back on the field, you can't count on his whole ability for at least a few games as I'm estimating he won't have a preseason to sharpen his skills.

I'll take a wait and see approach w/QB's Newton (new OC), QB Cutler (new HC/OC), and QB Romo (new OC).

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