Thursday, September 29, 2016

2016 - week 4 - TNF - picks

I feel a little better about the side rather than the total as the number of 44½ is low. With defenses for each team being the best part of the team at this time, it's a race to the 20's, first team to 20 will win. If both team score in the 20's the total should go over. Their is a new upgrade factor w/CIN LB Burfict, I suspect this will keep the score low under 20's for MIA. CIN without TE Eifert, WR Jones and Sanu, xOC Jackson - just hasn't gelled enough, maybe another month is needed...

A simpler way to win would be to do a 6pt tease:
Take CIN -1½ and under 50½ for a two pick 6pt tease, $11 should pay around $10

of if you're feeling brave, try "middling" w/6pt tease:
Take CIN -1½ and MIA +13½ as well as under 50½ and over 38½, $10 should pay around $65
or you could just middle sides or the total

09/29 8:25 PM
101 MIA 44½ *
102 CIN -7½ under

MIA HC Gase 'perform or else'
CIN LB Burfict starts (off 3G suspension)
CIN should win SU, but ATS???
Will MIA get to 20pts if so over, if not under

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