Monday, November 02, 2015

2015 - week 08 - results

TNF - NE crushing, MIA D is playing well enough, but O miscues and lack of 'fire' or play calling.... sucks looks like a loss.
note: Q1 MIA RT inj'd Q3 MIA DE Wake inj'd

TB and OAK, got upsets - as thought...
NYG @NO - so much scoring....
SEA @DAL - so little scoring...

SNF - DEN nice upset, combined w/today's trade for TE Vernon Davis - they look like a contender. GB? well... too many down the field plays, they needed to dink and dunk

MNF - CAR eventually wins in OT, but this game should've been won in Q4, but CAR D and O step off the gas and IND scores 17 pts in Q4. IND QB Luck throws his final interception of the game to setup the winning FG by CAR

It's the second week in a row that I'm above .500 ATS (8-5-1) and for totals (9-5)
for the season ATS (63-53-1) Totals (58-59-2)

2015 - week 08 - results

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