Thursday, November 27, 2014

2014 - week 12 - results

Ouch, missed another TNF pick, OAK breaks their 0-fer streak and wins the first half in a RAIN deluge. The game drys out in Q3 but it's not enough for KC as OAK takes control of the game. Really nice home upset for OAK. KC OL was having a tough time in the first half.

As far as the rest of the weekend I did fairly well ATS and for totals...

DIV games:
GB @MIN, DAL @NYG, (closer than expected)
NYJ @BUF, (bigger blowout than expected - though with the venue and time change MNF @DET, this game had more variables, there was also the snow storm for BUF and 'less practice time', I wonder if the more rest thing for BUF players was truly the beneficial angle that wasn't mention by the media)

InterConference games:
TB @CHI - a curious game CHI scores 21 pts all in Q3, the rest of the game CHI doesn't do much...
WAS @SF - highly surprising as a much closer game than expected, WAS played UP and SF DOWN

2014 - week 12  results

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