Tuesday, February 11, 2014

just a thought on futures aka total wins

I read this article Pythagenpat Records in 2013 and it occurred to me that perhaps the sportsbooks are using something similiar when they post their season total over/under wins for each team prior to the regular season.

I wish I had the time to check prior years as well as verify/disqualify some of my other thoughts as well.

Namely those teams that over or under achieve each season since the realignment to 32 teams and their W/L record the following season.

It's also interesting in the article that Brady, Manning and now Luck have all done better than predicted by the mathematical model, but their is no mention of Rodgers, Brees. It would be nice to see what the model predicted by team w/a QB notation (though I do realize that for some teams, their should be a QB/QB/QB notation, due to injuries, HC decision etc)

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