Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chip Kelly - PHI

Here's another view point from SI's Don Banks


"There's a leap of faith underway around here, and it's being taken at a breathtaking pace. To describe Kelly's preferred style of practice as "up-tempo" is a sizable understatement. Frenetic is more like it."

"I didn't see a single huddle all day long on offense, and it looked like Eagles quarterbacks will do very little work under center this season."

Kelly is bringing to the Eagles being new, both on offense and on a defense that is transforming into a hybrid formation that has elements of both a 3-4 and a 4-3"

"Vick and Foles continue to basically split first-team reps"
"You can see what this offense could become,'' Avant said. "Our defense is doing pretty good, but we're always a man or a half a man ahead of them most of the time. Toward the end of practice we start completing more passes against them, and that's just a sign of us being to the ball, being in shape and playing at just a different level of tempo and conditioning. I think this offense will work in the NFL, if the quarterback can do it. I think we're in the position to win, and I like it. As long as the quarterback puts us in the right position, I think we'll be fine.''

Ok, so QB is still unsettled and the team will go as far their QB takes them, but the most noteworthy quote is 'very little work under center'. So shotgun for QB, gives them that extra second to find the open guy and D's will likely be more frustrated w/nearly no opportunity for a sack.

TC is only a month away.....

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