Saturday, June 29, 2013

an insight into teams with 8 or more, $6 mil contracts

John Clayton has another commentary article that casts insight into something, I wish I had time for. He built a spreadsheet or database of players earning six million plus per year see..$6 million-a-year contracts in decline

This helps build a picture of the teams mentioned in the article youth and strength. If you have more 6 mil contracts combined with Pro Bowl players, you could say you're built to win this season.

Notable teams that have 8 or more players with $6+ mil contracts:





What jumps out to me is that these are all NFC teams, this could point toward the NFC dominating the AFC in their interconference game this year.

John also mentions a big decline for OAK, which could point to a 'bet against' and perhaps 'under the total' season for OAK.

I just wish the current spreadsheet or database was available online as well as prior years.

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