Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 International games - likely impact

wk04 PIT vs MIN @Wembley, England
wk08 SF vs JAC @Wembley, England
wk13 ATL vs BUF @Toronto, Canada

The disadvantage: An extra road game vs out of conference opponents.

Team Prior Game, Next Game
MIN home vs CLE, going into bye

JAC home vs SD, going into bye

BUF coming off bye, road @TB
(CAR, @NO, ATL, @TB)

The likely outcome, a loss by all three home teams [MIN, JAC, BUF], as they all three lose the advantage of a home game in front of their fans.

PIT home vs CHI, going into bye

SF  road @TEN, going into bye

ATL home vs NO, road @GB

The opponents, no discernable disadvantages:

PIT is in the drivers seat, early season, @home prior week, going into bye week.

SF a little tougher 2nd game on the road, if anything, they may elect to stay in the area (TEN) then fly to England or just fly and practice in England (seems more sensible). SF has already done this in prior seasons, electing to stay on the road, instead of coming home between games and it's proven to be effective with wins while staying on the road (road warriors)

ATL, a little bit of a concern due to lateness in the season, but it will be a dome game, which ATL is much more used to than BUF. ATL will be pinched between a division rival and potential playoff opponent, thus this game could be a let down for ATL, but BUF appears to be in their eternal re-building mode, thus at this time of the season, if they aren't in the playoff hunt, count them out.

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