Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 - week 16 - results

Really good week ATS, just .500 for totals

I'm a bit late posting results as I'm still awaiting the Game Book .pdf file on the site for the ATL @DET game. I've tried to contact via 'contact us' link on their website to inform them that the game book is missing for the ATL @DET game. Though I am able to gleen some information from what's online, the accuracy that the gamebook .pdf file represents as an official record of the game itself is what I use an data entries for my spreadsheet and the accuracy of other sites is an unknown at this time.

NE couldn't cover a -14.5 spread on the road and DEN covered a -13 spread at home.
CHI and ARI are hard to read for me as they're not consistent enough in winning or losing.
I could've taken SEA using the split division or comparing how well STL has done vs SF this season

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