Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 - week 14 - results

2nd week in a row of not so good results for both ATS and Totals, though ATS improved, Totals sunk below .500 for the week

Game Thoughts:
DEN - a good win, though not quite dominating as they scored more FGs than TDs

NYG ST RB/PR Wilson great game, NO Brees does fairly well, but again throws too many interceptions, NO D, not tackling well that will do them in and ST allowing big gains, the whole team is not playing without enough focus to win games

Lots of upsets,

STL @BUF, predictable, BUF had to shuffle OL (though TEN also had OL shuffle but led IND on the road for about half of the game)

CHI @MIN, I should've taken MIN I knew better with CHI D hit hard by injuries and OL having issues, just hard to trust MIN O and play calling, in prior weeks I would've called more running plays

ATL @CAR, ATL letdown? next game after winning AFC South, but more likely two starters in secondary did not play SS and RCB
Stranger things have happened, but why is CAR starting LB Hogue @RG? or is this an error?
CAR also had FIVE new starters on D @NT, @DT, @SLB, @SS and @RCB, all three levels
CAR led 23-0 in Q3 and earns the season series split!

SD @PIT, I think PIT QB Roethlisberger came back too soon from injury, SD does have job motivation, after recent news of HC & GM will be losing their jobs at the end of season, players are playing/auditioning for next season

PHI @TB, eye opener, nice QB'g by PHI Foles, ??TB?? - I did not see this, I really thought TB D would be able to contain PHI O

DAL @CIN, CIN could've won, but let DAL hang around. DAL emo win w/tragic death on Saturday a.m. of a team mate and another team mate (starting NT) in jail for intoxication manslaughter.
Note: 2nd wk in a row, a tragic death for a team mate, provides emotional lift for whole team (KC, DAL)

current line vs prior to season line

DEN @OAK 9pt change
BAL @WAS 6pt change
KC @CLE 8pt change
PHI @TB 13pt change
ARI @SEA 6.5pt change

Only TB lost SU and ATS

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