Tuesday, December 06, 2011

2011 week 13 - results

GAME           ATS/TOTAL

PHI@SEA     L/L                 I should've believed reports of SEA QB Jackson and rapport w/WRs. I just        thought w/#1WR Rice out, no one would step up. I also missed some clues 1)PHI was lucky in prior game winning despite 3:2 TO ratio, 2) this game was setup just like NYG game before bye week. SEA D played well again and O came through, I should've stuck w/my instincts.


KC@CHI     W/W


CIN@PIT      L/W               ouch, thought CIN would split div series, PIT 7th sweep in 11yrs


NYJ@WAS  W/L                NYJ 21pts Q4

ATL@HOU   L/W                so what's wrong w/ATL O? QB?

CAR@TB     W/W

DET@NO     W/L                DET collapsed in Q2


STL@SF       L/W                STL QB AJ Feeley, ugghh

DAL@ARI    L/W                and wouldn't you know DAL HC/OC can't manage a game

GB@NYG     L/L                 NYG played up for this game, again to the level of competition

IND@NE      L/L                  NE led 31-3 in Q4, allows IND 3TD rally

SD@JAC      W/L                 hmmmm more scoring than I thought

weekly results:

for the year:

somehow got sick again, I blame the lady who kept coughing while I stood inline behind her at the grocery checkout. I should've left and come back 15min later, but I still did ok in picks, though there were some obvious ones to me that I should've gotten correct if I could have seen through that flu/fog that clouded my thinking.

I'm still thinkin' BAL vs GB for SB... though PIT is playing outstanding

funny how NE & GB have similar numbers

AFC West is toughest division to assess, I do give DEN the nod at this time.

HOU D and ST will need to continue to play as well as DEN does and if CHI D & ST would do so as well, then they could get the wild card, but do you trust OC Martz??

HOU @CIN will be the game I'll be most curious to see the outcome, I think HOU at this time. NYG @DAL should be high scoring as to who will win.... beats me.

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