Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 week 08 - results


IND@TEN  L/W              and IND woes continue, I know better, so why did I take pts?


MIN@CAR L/L               MIN road win, impressive w/2nd start for QB

NO@STL    L/W             Huge upset - the improbable win/loss

ARI@BAL   L/L              ARI near upset leads into Q4, BAL O woes change in 2H

MIA@NYG L/W             MIA another Q4 lost to opponent


WAS@BUF W/L            should've taken under

DET@DEN  W/L            should've taken over

NE@PIT      L/L              NE cutting corners, guess it's for the future

CLE@SF     W/W

CIN@SEA   W/L            neither D played up to par

DAL@PHI   L/L              must've been not think'n or too much?

SD@KC     W/L

weekly results 6-7/5-8

for the year:
ATS/TOTAL    61-52-3/54-60-2

Morning games only TEN & HOU as a fav wins all other games the dogs are barking w/upsets for MIN & STL. Only ARI @BAL game goes over total as well, all others under

Afternoon games I do the exact opposite picking sides well, but not totals, sigh...

Teams CoB (coming off bye)
5-1 SU(NYG, BUF, SF, CIN & PHI won, NE lost) / 4-2 ATS (NYG did not cover)

Teams GiB (going into bye)
2-2 SU/ATS (MIN & DET won / JAC & CAR lost)

Punting game turns up big in several games;

TEN blocked prTD crushed IND

ARI CB Peterson - lengthened lead w/prTD

STL P Jones - big leg, gave field position edge(x7) to STL

CIN WR Tate - sealed the win w/prTD


** BAL & SF (Harbaugh Bros) win/lose together **

SU if BAL wins SF wins, if BAL loses, SF loses (except when on bye)

ATS BAL 4-3, SF 6-0-1

** DAL opponents the following week win SU & ATS **

only opponent where this has not occurred was w/NE who had their bye week

(note NE lost coming off bye this weekend to PIT)

ATS/SU 5-0

** NYJ & SEA opponents the following week lose ATS **

not counting next week which are byes

ATS 0-5-1

** NYG opponents the following week lose ATS **

not counting next week which are byes

ATS 0-4

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