Thursday, October 20, 2011

2011 trade - break or make raiders?

Instead of myself breaking it down on CIN trade of QB Palmer for OAK future picks this podcast w/Bill Simmons (ESPN) and Michael Lombardi (former Raider personnel)
will be a point of view, that the majority of pundits seem to be taking as a great win for CIN and a great loss for OAK.

I'm thinkin' along another line, that if OAK goes to the playoffs, this will be a win for OAK this season. If OAK goes to the SuperBowl in the next 2-3 years w/QB Carson Palmer then all the pundits will need to retract everything they've said about how to manage a team. There's always a constant tug -o- war between managers and personnel people. I'll side w/personnel as I believe if you don't take the chance and Palmer still has a lot of football left IMO, then you're always playing it safe. Teams that play safe too much, can be good, but they'll never be great.
OAK has some real positives. They are really a run first team, in a pass first league. Other teams are showing problems handling OAK runO. If every team is really geared to stop the pass and this really shows w/the number of starting lineups for defenses in the league w/nickel packages appearing most often this year. Advantage OAK.

The real question of "Is QB Palmer worth the future picks?" will be answered partly this season and in whole in the next few years.

We'll see, we'll see....

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