Sunday, September 12, 2010

better late than never...

I've read about STATS LLC and decided to take a look at their site if I could find it.
googling of course, brought up other sites, but not too far down I saw this URL...

I find it highly navigable, but I wonder how those espn analysts got a hold of the youngest teams stat.

now this is highly interesting as the younger the team, I forsee more errors, or penalties as well as turnovers at as always the wrong time (but is their a right time for TO's??). Thus you'll have an easier time of covering the number.

The article mentions CAR, TB, JAC, MIA, HOU so if you bet against all of them, your parlay pays 20-1.

But I would modify this as:

NYG -7 (vs CAR) and Under 41 (CAR O looked inept in preseason)
CLE +3 (@TB)
DEN +2.5 (@JAC)
and Over 47 IND @HOU

why do I leave out MIA? because they are @BUF and giving up -3.5 and though have some recent roster shuffle (9 players by my count) They could well cover this number.
Both teams have very poor recent history w/their opening game, so this became a stay away game for me, though I still favor MIA, They have more youth in their D, which is acceptable to me, much tougher to have youth on O. BUF will start CJ Spiller and I wonder if he'll be kept in to block on passing downs or rotated during pass plays. If BUF is forced to rotate (due to RB inability to block) then their O becomes predictable to D and they'll be that much more likely to lose.

But I digress, STATs LLC appears to be a worthy site, now I just need to find their RSS feed...

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