Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2010 season week 03 - results

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Anyway, dismal results this week, but I was experimenting w/another technique of picking games and it just fell flat. I thought I noticed a pattern over the past two weeks, but of course if it was too good to be true, it was too good to be true... sigh

On another note, Game Rewind is nowhere near as good as Preseason. What? Am I crazy? I don't think so.... let me explain. I got hooked on watching Preseason because of the '4-plex' mode. I could watch 4 games at a time, it was great use of time. I would usually pick a game and watch until about the end of the 1st quarter or so, sometimes longer, (you can sense which way the game is going for the home or road team), I would then drag the next game into the 4-plex screen and continue you watching again until I had a feel for the game and do the same thing for game 3 and game 4. When game 1 ended if I had time I would drag another game into the 4-plex mode and continue watching. This is really efficient.

Now watching one game at a time just doesn't seem worth it, except I already paid for the whole season. So now I really need to pick games that are 'worthy'. I just don't have enough time to watch all the games in the hours I have. I work nights now (recent new employment), so I normally miss the majority of games played. Deeming which games are worthy is cumbersome. I try to watch 6 - 8 games over the rest of the week, but this is just not efficient.

I sent e-mail to that neulion? support, but they weren't helpful at all. I've sent comments to nfl.com, but I don't expect anything to happen. This is just for venting, I guess. Weekly results below:

GameATSO/Ufavored side/totalOLage diff (older should win)
For the Year19-26-321-2722-25-128-19-1

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