Monday, February 08, 2010

SB XLIV results

my analysis was just a bit off as the dog/under combo won, not what I expected. Sadly I couldn't watch the game (heard a bit on radio on drive home and at work, but streaming kept freezing, ugh), but from reading press on websites and reviewing game stats, I'd guess NO play calling, both on O & D were the difference as stats were better for IND except in TO's and D where NO had the edge and scored points off TO's as well as the onside kick which led to a TD (and missed FG also led to TD).

I really expected an over game, but DE Freeney played (unexpected) and I expected CB Powers to be picked on by QB Brees (did this happen? enough times?). I'm just guessing, but IND played too conservatively, too predictable. NO took advantage of the lack of something new by IND O to D up against w/basics and held their cards (blitz) until the end. IND D played as well as expected I'd fault their O, but that's just from stats.

maybe later I'll watch a re-run some day as this appears to be a "classic"

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