Monday, January 25, 2010

Conference Championship - results

1-1 1-1

whoops I forgot to highlight favored side/total, oh well...

since I couldn't watch game, just highlights and review stats, I'd consider NO lucky to win, five TO's by MIN unusually high and NO scored only 1 TD off of TO. MIN D did well, their O needs to play better

first game went nearly as thought, though a lot more scoring than I had imagined. Seems IND D has more holes than I thought and NYJ O had more than meets the eye. NYJ D played well, until they tired/made mistakes and IND O predictably took advantage

guess SB XLIV will be high scoring, right now I'd say IND should be favored and the numbers agree w/total @56 (up from 52) and IND -5 (up from -4)

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