Monday, August 06, 2012

Hall of Fame weekend - comments

The passing of PHI HC Reid's son has the team in a subdued tone, can't see them rallying for awhile.

HoF game, the Saints are united and their RB's run well, ST is doing fairly well. ARI still looks like PIT west and continuing to stick w/Kolb is not good for the team. Skelton maybe the future, but I think it'll be hard on him as his coaching staff is just not good enough on the O side of the ball.

I parked in C lot and walked into Raymond James stadium with the rest of TB fans. It was sweltering and most of the fans were in the shade. I went to the sunny side had a couple of dogs, fries, lemonade and waited 'til practice started for the Bucs. I stayed thru the afternoon rain and confirmed some thoughts.

Kickers came out first, their guy has a 55yd leg. The rest of the Bucs concentrated on basics, you could see blocking and tackling drills, there punter seemed to be practicing coffin corners, but IMO missed all of them. When they finally ran 7's then 11's, I thought the Os (1st team & 2nd team) picked on CB #25, I believed he allowed 4 completions and a couple were TDs. The best part of the team maybe ST, though they only ran/returned to the right side, their returners had several long runs. I was not impress'd with O at all, though Buc fans enjoyed themselves with plays that Freeman completed, I thought he missed other more open WRs, thus I think he's not progressing thru reads and is staring at his main option. I just wonder if DT McCoy will hold up for the whole season, without him their D will likely not get much pressure without frequent blitzing. They'll need to win by running ball (controlling clock), playing steady D and good ST, I can't see any other formula to win for them.

One other note, the replacement ref's did not call many penalties, unsure why, maybe Bucs are sound tacklers and blockers or refs just weren't calling/seeing penalties, just speculation.....

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