Saturday, August 27, 2011

NFL Preseason Live 2011 subscription

Ok, so again this year I've purchased preseason as well as regular season access via site.

Last year, there were issues w/game tape from local broadcasters, missing footage, delay, etc.

This year there appears to be an issue w/broadcast of WAS @BAL from ESPN.
I've alerted nfl support ( but they've given me the standard "it's not 24hrs" (game is available after 24 hrs - their rules on blacked out games)
Well it's now after midnight PST which makes it 3am EST and the game is still not available.
Let's see game began at 8pm EST on Thursday approx end at 11pm EST.
So it should be available around 11pm Friday EST, which translates to 8pm PST, but it's now after midnight (Saturday) and I still see blacked out in the guide, sigh....

Why don't I have ESPN? because this year I don't have cable or satellite TV (I had to cut back somewhere due to - "in between jobs" status for months).

You'll need to click on picture to see the date and time in lower left corner.

So my guess is ESPN is having an issue, but why doesn't nfl tech support say so???

Comment on viewing angles:
If I could have one view it would be an end zone view. I really wish the nfl would add this feature/view for all games especially for those of us who will view the games online. I believe the nfl already "shoots" this view, we as the general public are not priviledged to watch this view, just teams, coachs and nfl broadcast tv analyst, but we really should have access.

BTW MNF in past seasons did have the "end zone" view. Hopefully this year they'll continue to have this view.

I would prefer the view from the offense, but if they only had the view from the defense I would still prefer this versus the side view that we now see on broadcast tv for the past 40+ years.

I've noticed at time during a broadcast that we'll see a wider view during a play. My guess is that someone in the broadcast booth thinks it's going to be a pass play, but what do you know? it's an inside handoff and that wide focus has to quickly resized, a bit dizzying for my eyes. Just do end zone, slightly higher, the camera moving above the field would be ideal for such a use and with wide angle we should have a fine view.

We have the technology to broadcast simultaneous views on regular over the air tv w/the advent of all digital airwaves. Local broadcast stations should beg their network to broadcast multiple views. CBS could for instance use 8.1 for normal and 8.10 for endzone views. Why 8.10? well I noticed 8.2 is used for Spanish language and here in Vegas, there is a channel 47 which uses .1 through .8 (there's oldies and other specific content on these channels).

Oh well, billions spent on creating the nfl 'product', but when will they spend on more features for the general public????

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