Sunday, January 02, 2011

Season 2010 - week 17 - results

A year of firsts, I guess.. as for me I nearly went through the whole season without watching live Sunday games, except for SNF, MNF and THF, I watched games via game rewind and though it has a lot going for it. There are also is much to be desired.

Cutting out commercials is great, but shortening games, by only leaving the "important plays" is so misleading. I like to watch the whole game, punts, 3 and outs, everything. I wish I could watch the games live online as this would have been very useful at work. Watching after the fact and knowing the outcome of the game can be a bit distracting or really perhaps this could be just lost focus on my part.

I did watch week 17 (just recently laid off) and I believe I was sick during week 14 (bad headache due to weather, lasts for hours, sometimes a day and a half - I really couldn't enjoy the games, but they did provide a distraction).

I don't believe I'll purchase a game rewind subscription next year, but I'll probably do the preseason package as the games are viewable in real time. I really liked the preseason format and the regular season package is such a let down compared to preseason as far as real time viewing access.

This probably did affect my ability to pick games, but it has been several years, since I've had a steady diet of Sunday games, last year, I worked every other Sat/Sun doing 12hr shift which really curtailed viewing for me. Game highlights are just not the same and depending on who the analyst is, NFL Live, NFL network, ESPN I'll just stop believing or watching. Analysts who were coaches tend to be more diplomatic before a game, but not after. Analysts who were stars - multiple pro bowls, etc - in skill positions, tend to be dramatic, other position players are more pragmatic, but won't take as much chances in predicting outcomes.

But enough of this.... let the playoffs begin

GameATSO/Ufavored side/totalOLage diff (older should win)
For the Year126-126-4133-122-1132-123-1133-122-1

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